[uplug] F-Droid workshop in Berlin on the 3rd of August

Daniel Martí mvdan at fsfe.org
Mi Jul 24 15:28:12 CEST 2013

    F-Droid Workshop - Learn how to include new apps into the F-Droid
                       Free Software app repository for your Android

    When?   Saturday the 3rd of August, 2PM - 5PM
    Where?  IN-Berlin (http://in-berlin.de/space)
    Who?    Daniel Martí - F-Droid developer

Hello everyone,

I'm Daniel, a Computer Science student from Barcelona currently doing an
internship at the FSFE offices in Berlin. I'm also a developer and app
maintainer in the F-Droid project - and on Saturday the 3rd of August
we'll be doing an F-Droid workshop here in Berlin. You're very welcome
to come and join us!

F-Droid is a project that aims to provide Free Software applications for
Android via a repository system, much like most of the GNU/Linux
distributions distribute packages. This differs very much from the
Google Play approach since the client and server side software are
respect your freedoms and don't force you to use a Google account to use

The workshop is aimed at developers and advanced users - if you know how
to use the terminal on a gnu/linux machine you're probably good to go.
The only requirements for the workshop are basic technical skills on a
gnu/linux environment, including basic knowledge of the shell and the
Git VCS.

The event will be split into two parts: First, there will be a
presentation explaining the basics about F-Droid and how it works. After
that, we'll head on to the hands-on workshop, where everyone will be
welcome to include new apps, update existing ones, improve the client
and more!

Apart from your Android device, you should also bring a laptop if you
have one. It will be easier to participate in the workshop if you have
your own computer.

For more information, please see the wiki page [2] containing all the
information regarding the activities and other details:


If you have any further questions, please add me as CC or reply directly
to me.

See you soon!

Daniel Martí - mvdan at mvdan.cc - GPG 0x4348041C
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