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Di Sep 29 12:20:40 CEST 2020

Respected President,Respected Chancellor, We have compiled another draft as a compromise between the opposing camps. We are certain that this is a worthwhile project which would be an invaluable asset to the creative capacity of the campus. Following are the proposals upon which student union agreed on the meeting of the 26th Sept after discussing the response from Ms Boit:1) The Student Union withdraws the demand of a free-room in exchange for increasing the room space of the self-learning zone at Neues Palais.
2) As the name indicates, self-learning zone, it will be an interactive autonomous area free from the university regulations, providing an open environment to students.3) The self-learning zone should have an independent entrance, a kitchenette, access to sanitary facilities and offer access to students at any time of the academic year.4) A contract must be negotiated between the student body and the university administration, stating the rights and duties belonging to the student body in the of self-learning zone.5) The Administration must not interfere with the usage of self-learning zone. Exceptions can, of course, be made for Health-related circumstances, such as the current pandemic.6) If the above four are accepted by the administration, then the student union will implement (1) and accept the self-learning zone as a new scope for the scholars of University Potsdam.
Another dispute is the wall dividing the large space into small sections in front of the large palace. It is welcoming neither for visitors nor for students and ruins the aesthetics.  Several other drawbacks of the present construction plan have been mentioned in an earlier mail.
 To conclude:
1) The student's demand of free room in the Jour Fixe of the 21.02.2019 didn't consider by council thus the subsequently proposed construction plan implemented by the university council on 1.03.19 is not welcomed by the student body.2) In the Jour Fixe of the 2.09.20, further communication on this misleading construction plan was undertaken by the student representatives, consequently, an on-site meeting was planned to review the ongoing construction plan.3) On the 16.09.20, no member of the decision-making body was present at the on-site meeting, so the dilemma of the division ratio of the old book shop is still open for us.
4) The response of decision-making body regarded as a symbol of disinterest in the wishes and proposals of the student body.
 We hope that you will understand how it came to this misunderstanding between our two coalitions. We also respectfully ask the question what the purpose is of a representative body for the student body, if our conclusions are not taken into serious consideration. At least that is how some perceive the situation.  We await your response in good faith that we may come to a compromise. Yours sincerely, Shubham Mamgain_______________________________
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On Wednesday, September 23, 2020 17:55 CEST, "Boit, Alice" <alice.boit at uni-potsdam.de> wrote:
  Dear Shubham, Due to your appeal about the Old Bookshop ANP, the President has held an exclusive consultation with the Chancellor. Both are duly aware of the student body's reasoning and have also discussed the matter extensively in presence of the students' representatives in the respective committees. The university leadership reiterates their decision that the construction plan will not be changed during the ongoing remodeling work in the building. Therefore, your proposal to merge the self-study zone and the Freiraum cannot be considered at this point in time. The final decision had also been announced once more in the Jour Fixe AStA on September 2nd, which you also attended. In our inspection of the building shell on September 16th, Ms. Holzmann and myself entered into a dialogue with the student representatives in order to discuss the requirements for the interior design and furnishing of the Freiraum. Supported by the HGP, we were able to solve the issue with the sanitary facilities by sharing access with the University Shop. We're still working on a solution for the kitchenette and keep you and the student representatives informed. Even if this solution initially means a spatial compromise for all its users, the completed building in this central position on campus will be of great benefit for everyone, especially for the student community. I look forward to seeing this become a living reality. Kind regards,Alice Boit  --Referentin für StrukturentwicklungBüro des KanzlersHaus 9, R 2.14+49 331 977 - 153007   
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